Just Getting Started - It's Here!

JGSCoverIn honour of the 20th anniversary of the release of my first CD, we’ve recorded a project featuring acoustic takes on 11 fan-voted favourites, plus a new song entitled “Just Getting Started.” I want to give you the entire project FREE, as a way of expressing my gratitude for these first 20 years.

Please enter your email address and we’ll send you a password to download your free copy of Just Getting Started.

How did you pick the songs?BackCover

Based on your votes and a highly scientific process. (Read more about what actually happened HERE.)

Is it really free?

Yep, for as long as we can manage it, we are offering this project for digital download for free. Some of you have asked if you can contribute something towards our costs on the project-thanks for asking! Donations will be gratefully received. (There’s a donation box on the download page.) But donating, while much appreciated, is totally optional.

Can I get in on CD rather than as a digital download?

At this point, the project is only available for digital download. (Sorry, Mom!)

What if I’m an audiophile?

JGSSpecialEditionOur mastering engineer will weep for joy when he hears of you. The free download of the album is mp3 quality (the same formatting as music you buy on iTunes). However, if you really want to hear the project in it’s full sonic glory, you can purchase a Special Edition digital version that consists of … get this … 24 bit, 96kHz wav files. Go HERE to purchase and download these ginormous audio files. (The current edition of the iTunes app and most other systems are capable of playing music at 96k – you might want to check whatever system you are using before purchasing the files.)

Will there be a songbook?

You bet! We’re working on that right now, and we will send you a link when a downloadable songbook is available (sometime in the next month or so.) It will also be free.

What else can you tell me about the project?

Check out my radio interview Robert White on the Arts Connection program HERE.

And there’s an in-depth print interview with a lot of the backstory behind the album (and the past 20 years!) with Timothy Yap of Hallels HERE.